You ARE psychic!

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???? Vol.5 ??????Many times when I give lectures or offer intuitive development classes, I begin by asking the question, “How many of you think you are intuitive?” On average, about half to two-thirds of the people in the room raise their hands. Then I follow up by asking, “So then, how many of you think you are psychic?” Most of the hands remain down, with only a handful of brave souls willing to admit they are actually psychic.

How about you? Do you consider yourself intuitive? Maybe you get the occasional hunch or gut feeling. Perhaps you’ve heard your name being called when no one was there. Maybe you have strong dreams, or smell the perfume or cologne of a loved one who has transitioned into Spirit. Or, possibly you just have a “knowing” on occasion – something so strong that no one, or thing, can shake you from it. But would you take it a step farther and say you are psychic?

Well, I have news for you: You are intuitive. And not only that . . . you are psychic!!!

The word “psychic” has a certain connotation to it. These days, even with the popularity of shows like Medium, Ghost Whisperer and Long Island Medium, when most people hear “psychic”, they still tend to think of gypsies offering palm readings, or going to sit in a candlelit room and have their Tarot cards read.

The truth is, the words “psychic” and “intuitive” are interchangeable. Psychic comes from a Greek word meaning of the soul. We ALL have, and are, souls. So intuition – or being psychic – is simply a gift of the soul. As I tell my students and clients, your intuition is your compass to help you navigate this Earthly plane. Your psychic senses are God’s gift to you, Spirit’s way of helping you to receive information and make decisions to help your growth and development on a soul level.

So, the next time some asks you if you are intuitive, you can respond affirmatively. And if they ever ask you in jest, “What are you, psychic?” – you can answer, “Why yes, I am!!!”

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