Witnessing a Divine Healing

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Total_EnergeticsHave you ever experienced a moment that touched your heart so deeply, so profoundly, that it left you at a loss for words? A moment that made you question everything, yet at the same time, somehow make sense of everything?

I had one of those moments in 2005, when I first realized that I could connect with those on the Other Side. It scared the living daylights out of me, yet there was a deeper part of me that also knew that something huge was occurring.

I had another one of those moments yesterday. Equally as profound, and yet, somehow more moving, emotional and transformative.

I was taking another Total Energetics class; I have taken this class multiple times since it was first offered in 2010, and each time I heal more, learn more, and the experiences are more profound. Although I love all of the various modalities that I have learned over the years, TE is my favorite because it is simple, quick, and extraordinarily powerful. Plus, Dr. Norm brings SO much fun and laughter to the topic of health, which is something I feel that many healing therapies, modalities and alternatives have been missing! Each time I take class, it just makes all of the other modalities and things I have learned “make sense.”

It was a small group this time around – just four of us in the class, and all of us were “repeats,” so we got to ask some more questions, dive in a little deeper, and do some more advanced material that had not yet been presented. At the end of the day, things were wrapping up, and there was one final technique/exercise that we were completing. One of the attendees was dealing with something most might consider a major medical issue, facing the possibility of extensive (and expensive) surgery and treatment on her hips. With some soft music playing in the background to set the sacred space, we each had the opportunity to work with her, pulling whatever techniques from the day we felt guided to use.

After the three of us had finished working with her, Dr. Norm finished up and closed out the circle, so to speak. Her entire stance had lightened, and her features had softened; it was obvious she was ready and receptive to completely receive the healing. At first she had a moment of resistance, but then that moment passed, and that was when the profound experience happened for me.

As a medium and intuitive reader, I tend to work clairaudiently, meaning that the primary way I receive my information from Spirit is through hearing; I attribute that to my musical background and training. Yes, I also feel, see, and get “downloads” from Spirit, but hearing is definitely my strongest sense. But yesterday as Dr. Norm was working with this woman at the end of the class, I saw . . . as clearly as you are seeing the words on this page. And not only did I see, but I saw Archangels and Ascended Masters, at that. This is coming from the woman who, up until 10 years ago, thought all of this “spiritual stuff” was a bunch of hooey. I didn’t believe in angels, masters, energy healers, psychics, or even “divine intervention.” My, how things have changed!

So, back to the class: As Dr. Norm I worked with her, and she let go of her resistance, behind him suddenly I saw three figures standing there – Jesus, Archangel Michael to the left, and Archangel Raphael to the right. I then felt (though didn’t see as clearly) all of these other energies “swoop” in behind them. Just as quickly as they came in, they merged together with Jesus, Michael, and Raphael, and formed one giant, white being of pure light. I don’t know if it was God itself, or various aspects of God, but either way, it was bright white, huge, and extraordinarily powerful. This Divine being then merged with Dr. Norm’s energy. As he brought in one hand towards her heart center, this Divine Being infused radiant, healing, loving light into her entire body. I could see all of the cells receiving this energy. Then as he brought his hand away from her body, I could see the “injured,” unhealthy cells and energy leaving her body as a grey cloud. The Divine Being worked through Dr. Norm to literally transform the energy and cells in her body . . . and just as quickly as it came in, it left.

Now, I have seen some pretty amazing healing processes since I first learned about energy healing (and especially TE). I have even experienced some miracles myself that I have no explanation for. I have read about (and seen on TV and movies and such) divine healings and interventions. But to see one take place in front of my eyes, as though God itself had come to Earth to heal this woman . . . I was moved to tears, as it was one of the most profound, beautiful, spiritual experiences I have ever had in this life.

I must admit, a day later, I am laughing at myself a little bit, and my conscious mind is starting to play some of its old tricks on me. I am questioning myself – Did I make that up? That couldn’t have really happened, could it? Did I see what I think I saw? And yet, I know what I saw. I know in my heart of hearts it was as real as anything.

Some people reading this may think it’s crazy, impossible, or just my imagination playing tricks on me. I totally understand that; if you had talked to me a few years ago, I would have said the same thing. I would have said it’s a bunch of hooey, and there is no way that those kind of things really happen. But I can tell you with great certainty – they can happen. They DO happen. I see it all the time in TE; this is just one profound, powerful example.

I consider myself extraordinarily blessed and grateful to have been a witness to this. It is a gift that I will carry with me for the rest of this incarnation.

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  • Alishia Bragg

    never doubt or question what you absolutely know and are certain is real. I am not part of the world that I have woke up in, i’m just passing through. Real is very different than the world we are all in at this moment. The big bright white light is real I have pictures to prove & testimony proves the light is real. my entire horrible life here is proof of everything God has taught me. It’s all true. My life is written in the songs.

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