Who or What Inspires YOU?

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Photo Feb 19, 8 27 28 AMThere are so many sources of inspiration out there! Whether it is music, movies and videos, books, people, places . . . all we have to do is look or listen to the world around us, and we will discover a wealth of resources to motivate and energize us!

Having a musical background, my first “go to” is music, when I’m needing to connect with my inner muse or boost myself up. I have a wide variety of CD’s on my shelf, mp3’s loaded in iTunes, and a playlist full of favorite videos (both music and comedy) saved on YouTube. However, when times get tough, sometimes even the “go-to’s” don’t quite get me the inspiration and energy I need.

I’m sure you’ve had moments like that, too, haven’t you? That’s when I have to dig deep within and find out what or who can help me get out of my own way – keep me going when my “get up and go” is gone. For me, that inspiration is my cat, Kelly.

When I am in a tough place emotionally, or feeling in any way distressed or unlike myself, I look to Kelly and I find all of the inspiration and energy I need. When I was in the hospital and rehab after surgery in 2012, Kelly was my inspiration to keep healing, and do whatever I had to do to improve my health and my life. When the pain would be too intense, when I felt like I couldn’t keep going, I would just look at a picture of Kelly or think of her, and I would get a surge of energy in my heart that would get me up and moving along the path again.

I would be the first to admit that I’ve been in and out of a bit of a funk this winter. The passing of a dear friend and reading client before Christmas, some feelings of being stagnant in different areas of my life, and the crazy weather we’ve been experiencing in Massachusetts have all lead to me feeling a little “sticky” and challenged in moments. I’ve found myself a little more teary, and having to work a bit more at staying positive and uplifted. Music helps, time with friends helps, but thinking of Kelly . . . she’s what keeps me going on those mornings when it’s a little harder to get out of bed or to keep moving along the path. And when I look in her eyes – I know her love for me is equal to mine for her. 🙂

So tell me, readers – what keeps you going when times get tough? Who or what inspires you to keep going?

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