What Is It REALLY Like to be a Psychic Medium?

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This is a question I get all the time: What is it like to be a medium? I can’t speak for other mediums; I can only speak for myself . . . but, here is my answer, as best as I can give it.

Firstly, I believe that mediums are, for lack of a better description, “born, not made.” I think that God (Spirit, Source, The Universe – insert your preferred term here) bestows the gift of intuition to all human beings, not just a select few. However, I do believe that some people are born with a slightly stronger “antenna”, so to speak. Those folks are the ones, I believe, who are the mediums, channelers, and intuitives of the world ~ and they may, or may not, choose to use their gifts in a professional capacity.

That being said, I must admit that being a medium isn’t more than simply a profession or career. I mean, let’s be honest here – did you ever see a psychic medium at Career Day at your school when you were growing up? In all seriousness, being a spiritual medium is an incredible responsibility. People come to you and entrust you, not only with their grief, but with their hopes, fears, and everything in between. For that time they are with you, whether it’s just or a few minutes or as long as a few hours, they are putting all of their trust in you to bring through their loved ones, receive answers to their questions, and help them feel even a little bit better than they did before they saw you. Most of them will not voice that; it is just an unspoken understanding, and part of the job description, if you will.

Mediumship is more than a career, also, in the sense that it’s who you “are”. It’s not like being a chef, banker, or retail clerk in that you wake up in the morning, go to work, come home and put your work behind you for the day. Yes, there is an extent to which most mediums and intuitives I know learn to “turn on” their intuitive senses when they are working, and “turn off” when they are finished. If there wasn’t, we’d go crazy! But, there is always a part, I believe, that is on “auto-pilot”; quite literally, one foot in the physical world, one foot in the spiritual. Sometimes, admittedly, that can be challenging, even exhausting . . . but, I think that most mediums I know would agree that it’s worth it — as long as we can find a way to “balance” in our lives — because we know we are being of service and helping so many, through the grace of God!

The truth is, I never thought I’d be “caught dead” (pun intended) doing the work that I do. So, I am still learning what it is like to be a psychic medium. However, one thing I do know is that I am blessed, every day, to be able to do this work and assist so many.

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  • AA

    Hi! I hope I’m not bothering you
    But I just figured out I’m a median and at a young age (13) and I feel like I have scared away some spirits (I would usually just yell at them and think I was just yelling at random things Werid I know) and I want to apologize to them do they travel at all or do they stay with you until you help them?
    I just want to help them get to there loved ones.
    It would be marvelous if you would reply and help me with this issue
    Thank you!

    • Jess

      Hi there ~ Thank you for writing!

      Great question . . . and I feel the answer, quite honestly, is that it’s up to the individual spirit as to what they do. Some will choose to stay until you help them. Have you ever seen the movie, Ghost? You know how Patrick Swayze’s character stays with Demi Moore’s character until the issue (so to speak) is resolved? With those on the Other Side, sometimes they do choose to stay closer, if you will, until a certain issue is resolved or they feel they have been heard/noticed.

      On the other hand, some wait for a while, but then move on if they feel we aren’t getting it – they will either go to another family member or friend to get the message through to us, or wait until a time when they feel we are more open. Think about it this way . . . if you go to someone’s house and knock on the door repeatedly and they don’t answer, you aren’t going to stay there forever, right? Eventually, after a while, you will move on. Maybe you will try calling them later, or connect with someone they know and say, “Have you talked to so-and-so recently? If you talk to them again, can you give them this message for me?” The same holds true for Spirit. Make sense?

      I hope that helps answer your questions!

      Bright blessings to you,

  • Loretta

    Hi I ask loved ones to visit I want to see them I’m open to it but never see them why is that

  • Ashley

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Although I’m new at reading professionallay I can relate and I certainly agree.

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