“Welcome Home”

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPart of the reason I love the work that I do is because no two readings, sessions, classes or workshops are alike. Each time I meet with a client, student, or group, it is a new experience, even if I’ve met with someone before. I love how the work requires me to get out my own way (which, when it comes to my own “stuff,” can be a challenge!), be objective, and approach each experience with a fresh set of eyes and ears.

That being said, it probably shouldn’t surprise me that in a busy reading day like yesterday, it can be physically and emotionally taxing (to a degree), especially if someone is moving through intense grief or other emotions. And if each person I meet with is moving through equally intense emotions . . . well, you can probably imagine why I needed some self-care time last night! 😉

But one session touched me deeply, and I don’t think it’s a session I will forget for a long time.

A gentleman who hadn’t been for a reading in many years, came to see me because he “just felt guided” to me. (You’d be amazed how much I hear this – people who never heard of me before, being lead to me, synchronistically). He said he wasn’t even sure exactly what to ask – he had so many questions, so many things up in the air, and just needed clarity. As I began to tune in with his energy, I felt a heaviness in my heart center, but I knew it wasn’t physical. It felt like his heart was being torn in a thousand different directions. He wanted answers, but couldn’t quiet the mind enough to receive them for himself. He was tired – not just physically tired, but soul tired. I could empathize tremendously with him, and I had to work hard not to get emotionally pulled in, or I would have been no good to him as a reader.

About ten minutes into the reading, he stopped taking notes, took in a deep breath, and closed his eyes. I could tell instantly he was going into a deep state of relaxation to let all of the information sink in. Suddenly, the reading was going in a very different direction. I went into what I lovingly call “channel mode,” where I began to bring through information, affirmations, and truths that I was picking up from reading his energy field, simply stating them quietly and slowly so he could take them in and remember the truth of who he was. I could feel legions of angels, guides, and loved ones in Spirit around him, and found myself repeating information. At first I felt odd about that, but I realized each time I repeated an affirmation or a piece of information, he breathed deeper, his facial features softened, the tears fell, and he became a sponge for his new truth. Although I have never experienced the practice myself, I imagined that what I was doing and what he was experiencing was very close or similar to the Shamanic practice of Soul Retrieval. I knew something profoundly healing was occurring, though if someone had asked me to put what was happening into words at the time, I wouldn’t have been able to.

As we approached five or so minutes left to the session, I began to guide him back – to the room, to his body, to the present moment. When he opened his eyes, tears still streaming, I looked at him and realized he looked entirely different than how he walked into the reading. He was visibly lighter. He was smiling, and his eyes had a light in them that I hadn’t seen up until that moment. He gave me a big hug before he left, and thanked me repeatedly. I found myself surprised at my response: “Welcome Home.” And yet, the response made sense. In some ways, his soul did return “Home” to Source, to remember and be reminded of who he was. Seeing that transformation occurring right in front of my eyes . . . well, it was something that will stay with me for years.

It is amazing, when you come to the field of energy with an open mind and heart, what profound healing can occur. What I expected to be a simple “check in” type of a reading, ended up being a profoundly eye-opening experience. I didn’t know I had it in me to bring someone through that process – and he was the beautiful teacher to show me what was possible within me. And just as I said to him, “Welcome Home,” I think that Spirit was probably saying the very same thing to me. 🙂

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  • Lin

    It sounds as if, in a way, BOTH you and your client were “lead home” by this reading. Thanks for sharing. :>)

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