The Little Things Make a Difference

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the_little_things_make_a_differenceI’ve talked before about the importance of gratitude, in terms of both attracting what we desire, and in keeping our overall vibration and energy high. And although today I once again found myself a little more emotional than yesterday, I was also very aware and focused on the little things to be grateful for.

Little signs throughout my day – “angel numbers” (repeated numbers in sequence, such as 111 or 77), finding pennies in unexpected and unusual places, and other synchronicities – allowed me to focus on lightness and what WAS going well, rather than what wasn’t. Now, granted, there was part of me that was doing the “fake it ’til you make it” maneuver. 😉 The emotions recently, as I’ve shared, have been intense, and it felt at moments like it took a lot of effort to consciously focus on the good. However, the appreciation itself was genuine . . . and therefore, I am ending my day still feeling lighter, overall, than I did in the earlier part of the week and the end of last week – and that, in and of itself, is something to be grateful for.

So, I invite you to take note of the little things that occur in your life for which you can be grateful. Did you receive an unexpected phone call from a friend? Find a penny or other coin, or a feather, in an unusual place? Notice a sign on a billboard, license plats, or in the lyrics of the song you were listening to on the radio? Find repetitive numbers showing up in your life when you weren’t looking for them? All of these are examples of the little synchronicities that can make a very significant different when you’re consciously looking to focus more on gratitude. Whether you simply make a mental note of them, or actually jot them down in a gratitude journal, you will find that it makes ALL the difference! 🙂

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  • Lin

    “Gratitude is heaven itself.” –William Blake :>)

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