The Intracacies of Intuitive Readings

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Tarot cards were how I originally dipped my toes into the ocean of intuitive readings and divination. To my skeptical and fact-oriented mind, the cards were something tangible; I could put my hands on them, actually see the images, and make some “sense” of the pictures in front of me. Little did I realize how much these little (or, truthfully, not-so-little) cards would swing the doors to my intuitive mind wide open!

Many Tarot readers interpret the cards with a sense of each card having a specific meaning. I was, to some extent, taught that way and I can certainly see the value in it. However . . . that is not the way I read now! Many a client has sat in front of me and asked, “What do those cards mean?” And I answer them by saying that the way that I read the cards is not that each card has a specific meaning; instead, the spread of cards paints a larger picture of what is going on in someone’s life. I sometimes will tell people to think of an Impressionist painting; if you look at the individual brush-strokes or dabs, you will only get a small piece of what the picture represents. But if you step back and look as the brush-strokes blend together, you will see a beautiful depiction of a particular scene. It may not be a perfect picture, but it gives you the idea. The same is true for the way I read. The cards give me the general picture; then it is up to God (through my guides, the angels, the energies of those on the Other Side, and my intuition) to tune into the specifics. Interesting when you look at it that way, isn’t it?

What is so fascinating about Intuitive Tarot, too, is that it blends so beautiful with so many other reading and divination modalities. You can blend Tarot decks with any other Tarot or oracle card deck, with runes, with stones, and so on. Or, it blends beautifully into mediumship and channeling, allowing one to easily “access” information from their guides or loved ones who have crossed over.

I will always have a passion for Tarot, simply because it was where I began my roots in this spiritual work. Even though my primary body of work now consists in psychic mediumship, I still find Tarot to be a very grounding, yet incredibly insightful, modality to connect, gain understanding, and access my intuitive self with great ease.

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