The Best Laid Plans (A Flexibility Lesson)

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the_best_laid_plansI woke up this morning with the plans for the next three days set in my mind:

Today: Go to work one of my secretarial jobs, have a phone call with a particular friend I hadn’t connected with in a while, and run a few errands.
Tomorrow: Do some work for my other secretarial/assistant job, do a phone reading, and take it easy the rest of the day.
Saturday: Participate in a workshop I’d been looking forward to for a while, and receive some energy healing.

But as I once heard it said: Man makes plans . . . and God laughs.

I was totally exhausted after therapy and a busy reading day at the store yesterday, so rather than getting up early, I slept in this morning. The second job – which I was going to tend to tomorrow – needed some attention today, so I took care of that instead of going into the first job. I’ll go there tomorrow instead. My friend who I was going to call had more work to do than she had intended, so we rescheduled our call for tomorrow. The workshop I was planning on attending on Saturday got rescheduled.

I am learning more about flexibility each day, but I must admit I still struggle internally when things don’t go “as planned.” I get grouchy, and have a little internal tantrum. (Okay, sometimes it expands to an external tantrum 😉 ). I am certainly much better about this now than I used to be, but wow, what a lesson this is! One of these days, plans will change and I will just shrug my shoulders, go with the flow, and smile. But for now . . . I am still a student of patience and trust. 🙂

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