Regaining a (Peaceful) Spring in My Step

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Regaining_a_peaceful_spring_in_my_stepAfter a slow, long, and somewhat challenging winter, receiving confirmation from two potential clients this morning that they wanted to book reading parties with me this spring, combined with someone calling to find out pricing details for a private reading, was a welcome shift and change! I love the work that I do, and the more opportunities I have to do it, the happier I feel! I felt like a weight had been lifted somehow, and twinklings of a lightness I hadn’t felt in several months.

I read something today that gave me quite the smile. It said:

WARNING: Part-time Buddha, training to become full-time Buddha.

Until then, still prone to attacks of irritability, delusion and craving.

Well, if my winter is any indication, I am right there! My desire is to become more peaceful, inside and outside. I know, thanks to therapy, that there is part of me that needs to work on detaching my “worth” from my “work”. I, quite honestly, have a hard time acknowledging myself and my value outside of the healing work I do. I intend to become more loving of myself, and able to recognize what is “good” about me, and not only what needs improvement. But it is definitely a process (and I’m not always patient). However, this much I’m sure of: I am excited to get back to doing the work I enjoy so very much. It takes a lot of energy, but it is SO worth it and I love every moment of it.

Let’s go, Spring! I’m ready to run! 🙂

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