Reflections on the Last Evening of Winter

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RomanceI would be among the first to say I am grateful to see the arrival of spring and departure of a long and rather arduous winter! Cold temperatures and snow aside – and those were major factors this winter, at least here in the northeast! – this winter brought its series of challenges. For me personally, I saw massive changes in relationships (including the passing of two very dear reading clients), intense emotions, and being forced to sit and “be” with myself and my feelings because the weather left me grounded at home.

I did not always handle these challenges gracefully – in fact, many times I found myself emotionally kicking and screaming. 😉 I found myself feeling angry, sad, frustrated . . . and questioning the greater plan, the “why” of things happening. And although I can’t say I necessarily found answers to those “why’s”, I still hung in there, putting one foot in front of the other.

I will admit that although I am not one to wish time away, I am ready and excited for my favorite season, spring – and have been ready for a while. There is something in me that comes alive in warmer temperatures, when I am able to open up my windows and wear my Birkenstocks. And this year, I need it even more than I can remember in past years. I am hoping and intending that spring will be easier and kinder to all of us than winter has been.

So what about you, dear reader? What about spring are you looking forward to?

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  • Lin

    Ah, Spring. The season of re-birth and new life for the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Looking forward to the season of “new life.”

    • Jess

      Yes indeedy – bring on the warmth! 😉

  • Vilma

    Hi Beth, I’m really not sure I’m in the right place, but I’m hopnig you can help me or guide me to where I need to be, I feel awkward even writing this. As a teenager I always read books about esp, psychic abilities, dreams, and the other side, it always seemed so interesting to me. As an adult I have pushed myself to not believe in ghosts or spirits or anything else metaphysical in order to keep myself from feeling fear. I can’t watch scary movies. I seem to have an extreme sensitivity to other peoples feelings, or even my own for that matter. I can’t watch a movie/show, or read a book without taking on a characters feelings, and becoming that person. If they are heartbroken, I am heartbroken and it lasts for days. This could be a real person too, when I see someone that has lost a loved one, I take on all that pain and don’t know what to do with it. This sensitivity seemed to happen when I lost my dad, he was the first person that I had ever lost.Before he died I saw an image of a dog that had passed away, since this was in the middle of the night I wasn’t sure if I had dreamed it or really seen it. She was just sitting straight up, in front of a dresser, not really looking at me, more as if on alert. She was not a body, she was transparent ( I could see the dresser through her), almost like smoke but in her normal color. I think that was the day I never wanted to believe anything out of this world again. After my dads death, I saw more figures that look like smoke in my dreams, it TRULY feels like I’m awake, but seeing these I feel like I must have been dreaming.I’m skeptic to the whole metaphysical scene in a way and fascinated at the same time. I don’t know if these feelings are related to those things I’ve seen in my dreams or if I dreamt all those things that really meant nothing and need to get myself together and control my feelings like the average person.

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