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reflections_on_faithThis weekend is the combination of both the Easter and Passover holidays. Both are such significant holy-days in the Judeo-Christian world, and many individuals find themselves reflecting on their faith and beliefs. I am no exception to that.

My experience and feelings about organized religion aside (as I have many strong beliefs I’m choosing not to go into here), I know that faith (and spirituality) is a very personal experience – between each individual and God/Source itself. Since opening up to the Other Side, bringing through messages as both a psychic medium and a spiritual channel, my understanding about spirituality has certainly expanded and grown! I believe in angels, Divine intervention, miracles, and so many things I didn’t believe in prior to my “Quarter Life Crisis” in 2002. If you were to look at the beliefs I have now compared to what I believed then, you would be sure you were talking to an entirely different person . . . and in many ways, you are. 😉

However, I would be the first to admit that my faith still has many areas in which it can grow. When the going gets tough – and as you’ve heard me share here in the last few weeks, it has been tough in many ways – I sometimes forget about God. Ironic, isn’t it? Some might say, “Jess, you are a medium and you connect with those on the Other Side every day; wouldn’t your first ‘go-to’ be God?” Well, the answer is yes and no. Of course I know and believe there is a Higher Power guiding me and my life, and that is the same Higher Power that keeps the planets in orbit and the seasons changing. But when I am in pain of any sort, I – like any human – tend to feel alone and to ask, “Where IS God in all of this?”

Of course, the answer – and this is where I know I have tremendously shifted and transformed my beliefs from 13 years ago – is that God is in the little things; the still, small details and quiet voices and moments. I no longer view God as the bearded old man up in the Heavens, judging our every movement and action, as I did when I was younger. But do I have the close personal relationship with God that I would like yet? Let’s put it this way . . . I’m working every day on building it and making it stronger and stronger.

So, friends, regardless of what you celebrate (or choose not to celebrate), I hope you have a delightful remainder of this holy-day weekend. May it bring each of us closer to Spirit, and to knowing that God/Source is within as well as outside of us . . .

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  • Lin

    I think that as we listen for the still, small voice within, it helps to remember that Divine silence doesn’t necessarily mean Divine inactivity.

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