Psychic Mediumship

My Specialty is Psychic Mediumship

Working on this intuitive level allows me to easily connect to your loved ones on the Other Side. Many times, those in Heaven don’t even need a formal invitation to come into the reading. Some folks on the Other Side are very quick to show up and may even take over the entire reading!

You may be asking yourself, “Why would someone on the Other Side want to talk to me?” The answer is a) because they love you, b) because they can and, c) quite honestly, because it’s their JOB to let you know they are still around and the connection of love between you still exists! Also, remember that those on the Other Side still have the personalities you knew them for when they were here with you in life. So if your uncle was known for being a “wise-guy” or your mom was the next closest thing to Betty Crocker, you can be pretty sure they will come through cracking jokes or talking about their great cooking skills! And yes, pets who have crossed into spirit DO show up in readings. After all, the four-leggeds are just as much a part of the family as the two-leggeds.

What You Can Expect

One thing to be aware of is that a reading with me is not about “fortune telling”, and I do not – let me repeat, do NOT – offer predictions. If I sense something coming up in your future (i.e. a change in job, living situation, relationship, etc.), I will certainly let you know. But I believe predictions can be misleading because we all have free will, and life can change in an instant!

Because of this, NO reading is set in stone, even those with the most gifted readers.

What do I need to DO to prepare for or do during my reading with you?

Truthfully, you don’t really “need” to do anything. Your guides, angels and loved ones in Spirit already know you will be there and often will show up long before you do!

You may want to spend a few quiet minutes before your reading talking to Spirit and your loved ones on the Other Side and setting your intention(s) for our time together. It is certainly not a “requirement”, but some people like to do this to center themselves before coming into a reading. Also, you are welcome to record your reading, if you like, but note that I will not record the reading for you as I do not have the equipment available to do so.

All I ask is that you come with an open mind and open heart.

I’d Love To Help You Get In Touch With Spirit!

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