Mediumship: A Language of Love

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Hands holding up letters building word love on natural backgroundI’ve heard it said by many professional mediums, and I definitely agree – mediums are like interpreters for those on the Other Side. As I like to describe it, I am a “Translator for the Living Impaired.” I say this not to mock or make fun of anyone’s loss. I understand how challenging loss and grief can be, and I honor everyone’s process, wherever they are in it. But those on the Other Side want us to enjoy life, to find the humor in it . . . so it would only be fitting that I would use humor to describe the work that I do. 😉

That being said, I was just talking with someone today, and we were saying how when individuals transition to the Other Side, they need to learn how to “speak the language” – i.e., communicate with their families, and with a medium if the family chooses to meet with one. Think about it this way – when we come into this world and are a young child, we must learn how to speak the language our families and the people, culture and country around us speak. This holds true for when we cross over, just in a slightly different way. As we physically “die,” energetically we are “born” (re-born) into the realm of Spirit, and need to learn how to speak the new language – the language of energetic communication. This can happen through many different means: dreams being the most common, but also license plates, music, feathers, coins, butterflies or other nature signs, synchronicities, numbers, electric interferences and so on.

So, those on the Other Side need time to learn their new language, and they also know that we need our time to move through our grieving process. This doesn’t mean that they won’t communicate with us once they transition; in fact, frequent communication often happens within the first three days and then to follow within the first year after passing. But they know that we may not always get the signs clearly or the first time, and are pretty patient (except for the occasional stubborn one 😉 ).

I hope this idea helps you to have more insight into how communication happens, and perhaps even opens the door for communications of your own!

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