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Thank youToday’s blog isn’t so much a new thought, as it is a follow-up to a previous story. A couple of weeks ago, I shared a story of an amazing experience I had with a client, helping him to remember his truth and re-connect to why he came here. It was an experience that had a profound effect on me emotionally, and I could tell his life was changed as well.

Then I received a beautiful email from him the other day, which I am sharing in its entirety with his permission:

Dear Jess,

I am the person who sat with you Saturday a week ago, March 14, at Inspirit in Northampton. You gave me your contact information and asked me to write you to tell you how I am feeling since our reading, and if any of my friends noticed anything different about me.

That same evening I sat with you I joined three friends for a local music show in southern Vermont. One of my friends noticed immediately that something was different. She, more than the other two, tends to be more in tune with my energy. She commented that she saw a lightness in me and something seemed more bright and open. I related my experience with you earlier in the day. She asked if she could have your contact information. I gave it to her.

Since I met you I feel more focused on the direction I feel I want to be going in my life right now. I feel a stronger intention with less anxiety than I have had in the past. I also feel much more firm about not staying in the job I have been in, and much clearer about how it does not fit philosophically with my value system and principles. In a broader context, I just feel more relaxed about where I am at and that if I set my intention, remain patient and practice my dialogue and prayer with Spirit that I will be guided to where I need to be by protecting angels. I do feel as though angels watch over me.

I thank you again for the gift you gave me that day. I felt your warm, loving heart when I walked in the room, and feel it strongly as I write to you now. Your guidance, wisdom and love are beyond my words of thanks. I offer you in return my humble blessings and that the Light guide you in all aspects of your life.


Let me be really clear about this: I don’t do the work that I do for praise or testimonials. I love doing readings and energy healing. I love helping people remember their connection to spirit. I love teaching and reminding people how to connect with their own intuition. But . . . when I get letters like this, it warms my heart and makes the work I do all that much more rewarding. I am truly, truly blessed.

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  • Lin

    What a wonderful letter :>) A very generous way for your client to share his results with you. :>)

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