It’s All a Matter of Perception . . .

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A_Matter_of_PerceptionYou don’t have to look very far in the news over the last 24 hours to hear about “The Dress That Broke the Internet,” as CNBC called it. My choosing to even mention this in my blog has very little to do with the dress itself – in fact, I really could care less about the dress. 😉 This has to do with the bigger issue at hand: Perception.

How we perceive and interpret things has a lot to do with my work. Firstly, when I am doing a reading, I have to take the pieces of information I am given from Spirit, put them together like a puzzle, and create a bigger picture. It is much like “psychic charades” – something “sounds like” or “looks like” this or that. What I can think means one thing, may have an entirely different meaning to the person I’m reading for. For example: When you think of a tree, what comes to mind? Perhaps any of the following ideas or words:

  • Green
  • Grounding
  • Trunk
  • Leaves
  • Air
  • Nature
  • Branches
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Spirit
  • Elementals
  • Forest
  • Woods
  • Plants
  • Life

Now you see, any and all of those interpretations are correct and accurate. One of them is not “more correct” than another. That is why, as a reader, I need to deliver intuitive information exactly as I receive it, and not attempt to interpret or perceive it – because the message may get lost in my interpretation.

But there is another aspect to this, too. Many people think of physical death as the “end” of one’s existence. I used to be one of those people, and because of such, I had a tremendous fear of death growing up and into my early twenties. However, I have learned – shifted my perception – that death is not the end, but a beginning of another part of the soul’s journey. Spiritually and emotionally, this brings me great comfort.

The skeptic, or even the more scientifically-minded person may say, “Well that’s great, but how do you know that life really does continue after physical death?” To this, I would refer right back to Einstein, who said through the Law of Conservation that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it simply changes form. So yes, somebody may physically die, but their soul, their energy, their essence, does not die . . . it simply changes form. For many skeptics, this is the (wait for it . . . ) change in perception that profoundly and radically shifts their beliefs.

I invite you to consider: What perceptions do you have – of yourself, life, the world around you – that are perhaps limiting you or stopping you from seeing another point of view? Where are you restricting yourself with your perceptions?

And just for the record . . . I thought the dress was blue and black, though I could see (after reading the article mentioned above) how some could perceive it as white and gold. 🙂

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