Is Your Use of Time Draining You?

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Asian woman sleeping on bed and wake up with alarm clockThis afternoon I was speaking with a friend and sharing (okay, whining) how I was frustrated with how tired and drained I was feeling today, and overall in the last few weeks. My friend then challenged me to do something that was difficult, but important: Take a look at how many hours each week I was spending working, and how much of that work was dedicated to my passions. You see, I don’t just do work as a reader and medium. In addition to my business, I have some other jobs that I do, that I enjoy (for the most part), but admittedly take up a lot of my time.

Here is what I realized after some examination:

Job #1 – Approximately four hours per week (16 hours per month). This is a secretarial/office job, and although I know I am doing good work there and assisting, if you were to ask me, “Do you enjoy this job?” my immediate answer would be, “No.”

Job #2 – Average of around ten hours per week (40 hours per month). This is also a secretarial type of job. However the difference is that I can do it from home and it is for someone I can learn from as a mentor and friend.

Job #3 – Minimum of six hours per week (24 hours per month). This is a working situation where I can do readings – and I enjoy it – though it is not always as busy as I would like for it to be. However, it’s a beautiful time to be of service and do something I love.

An average adult works for 40-hour work week. Of that, over half of my time (20 hours) is spent doing work that is NOT my business. That was an eye-opener for me! This doesn’t mean that I am going to up and leave my other work right away . . . though it is tempting, at moments. 😉 However, in my mind, it answers a big part of the question as to why I am feeling very drained during the times when I am not working. Of all the potential time I could be working the work that really fuels me, lights me up, and keeps me going, I’m spending half of that time doing “other” work. Wow!!! And that’s not even looking at how I spend the rest of my time . . .

So, I invite you to take a look at how you spend your time, dear reader. My bet is that your eyes will be opened to changes you can make, too.

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