I Love My Work!

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Muslim praying hands on light backgroundDon’t have a lot to share in today’s blog, except for how extraordinarily grateful I am tonight.

I had a very emotionally intensive, but also very healing, therapy session this morning . . . followed by four very busy hours of readings at the store . . . followed by a conversation with a beloved friend I hadn’t chatted with since before Christmas, where I ended up bringing through some of her loved ones in Spirit rather unexpectedly (because I was apparently still open after being at the store 😉 ).

Today was a truly energetically intensive day. Between the emotions I moved through in therapy, and the fact that every single reading at the store was with clients experiencing very strong grief and emotional pain, I am very much “spent” tonight. However . . . I am SO grateful. I know I helped each of those clients, and my friend, this afternoon. I know I did good day’s work, and I was totally in service. That, to me, is amazing way to spend a day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe . . .

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  • Lin

    I’m always leaving quotes on this blog! :>) Here’s one related to your posting:

    “Work is LOVE made visible.”
    –George Halas, Chicago Bears Coach

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