Energy Healing

Energy healing is a holistic practice that balances and restores the body’s subtle energy systems. It assists in removing blocks and imbalances bringing you a greater sense of ease and comfort.

What Exactly Is Energy Healing?

Everything, including our bodies, is ENERGY. You may have heard this energy referred to as Chi, Ki, Prana, Life Force, Universal Intelligence, and so on. Our bodies have energy centers - chakras - that are constantly moving and spinning. If your chakras are closed or not taking in energy, you may feel tired, tense, or stressed, or even manifest illness or dis-ease. Alternately, if they are too open, you may feel dizzy or lightheaded, confused, or be extra-sensitive emotionally and energetically. The goal is to be balanced, aligned, and taking in enough energy to help you move forward along your soul’s path, while, at the same time, not having so much energy flowing through you that your system becomes overwhelmed.

My Process

I am an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor and an advanced Reiki practitioner. I have also been trained in Crystal Healing, and am a practitioner of an energy modality called Total Energetics: The Science & Art of Trance-Formation.

My energy sessions are usually a combination of any of the above modalities. Although my primary body of work is with readings and classes, on occasion I will offer energy healing sessions, and thoroughly enjoy doing so!

Energy Healing Modalities


Reiki is a Japanese technique of energy healing, stress reduction, and relaxation. The word “Reiki” is actually made up of two words – Rei (meaning God or Higher Source) and Ki (meaning life force energy). When a Reiki practitioner lays his or her hands on (or slightly above) the client’s body, they channel positive, healing energy through their hands, which essentially breaks up the “blocks” that are affecting that client’s body or energy field . . . and allows their life force energy to flow more naturally. It never causes harm, and the practitioner’s energy is never depleted after doing a session.

Integrated Energy Therapy®

Integrated Energy Therapy® is a hands-on healing technique that uses the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field to get the “issues out of your tissues”! When the IET® practitioner lays his or her hands on the client’s body, they connect to the violet angelic energy ray to work with their 12-strand spiritual DNA, and clear issues on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Like Reiki, it never causes harm, and the practitioner only works from an overflow of energy, so they are never depleted after doing an IET® session.

Crystal Healing

Crystals and Gemstones are the Earth’s natural healers. They amplify energy and assist us with everything from physical healing to aligning with our life’s purpose to helping us to meditate and go within. Crystal Healing uses the natural energies of the stones to assist the client in their healing process.

I use crystals by placing them on or near your body during a session or by
“calling in” the energy of the crystals to work with you during the session – possibly even suggesting certain crystals to purchase, wear, or work with after the session is done.

I work with the colors of the chakras to determine which crystals would assist you most in your healing process.

Total Energetics

Total Energetics is The Science and Art of Trance-Formation. What exactly does that mean?

As I mentioned earlier, everything is energy. If you think about it, we are comprised of three “parts” – physical, emotional, and spiritual. We can all agree that the emotional and spiritual parts are energetic, yes? Well, scientists are discovering – the stronger microscopes they use – that really, the physical part of us is made up of cells, which are made up of atoms, which are really just pure potential . . . in other words, energy!

So, what if you could change a thought, belief, or even an illness or disease simply through changing the energetic pattern around it? You can, with Total Energetics!

This work has changed my life completely, and I know it will do so for you also!

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