Does Energy Healing REALLY work?

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does_energy_healing_really_work“I’ve heard of Reiki – but does it really work?”

I get this question often. Reiki – and other forms of energy healing – are becoming more popular and widely accepted these days, even among the “traditional”/Western medical communities. A lot of hospitals now are starting to offer alternative medical treatment options, one of which includes Reiki. But to many, the concept of energy healing is still very new and unfamiliar.

Having been one of those skeptics myself, I can tell you without hesitation that energy healing DOES indeed work. A common misconception is that energy healing is just to help with relaxation. Although it is true that energy healing sessions are often very relaxing, that is not their sole purpose.

You see, energy flows where attention (and intention) goes . . . so, for example, if someone is dealing with back pain, they may come to a session with the intention of lessening or removing the pain. And most likely, they will receive great relief from the pain after the session, or within a few sessions’ time. But they may also find other symptoms or causes of distress – for example, headaches or other pain, anxiety, or depression – starting to lessen as a result of the energy healing. (Amazing how that works, isn’t it?)

The intention of an energy session is always to heal and to help in the way that is in the highest and best good for the client; the energy/Divine intelligence always knows where to go and the body always knows what is in need of the greatest assistance first. I have learned to trust the process. Sometimes this means that a person will experience an increase in “symptoms” as a result of going through the session. Although I empathize with them and can certainly understand the frustration this can cause, I also trust that this is happening because an old pattern is playing out or healing itself, and that in time, the symptoms will lessen and they will feel better.

Lastly, another common misconception of energy healing is that it always has to be done in-person or hands-on. And while getting on the table or even just sitting in person and receiving energy work from a practitioner can be a wonderful gift of self-care, sometimes it is just not possible for the client and practitioner to connect in person . . . and therefore, remote/distance work is just as powerful. Yes, you read that right – distance energy work is JUST as effective and powerful as in-person. Again, intention and attention is everything. Think about the power of prayer for a moment; when you say a prayer (for yourself or on someone’s behalf), you ask for the healing and then trust that God/Spirit will deliver the result in the way that is in that person’s highest and best good, yes? The same idea holds true for energy work. The practitioner is not in control of how the energy flows or of the result(s) of the work done; they simply trust that a change has occurred, and allow God/Spirit to do the rest.

I can tell you from my own experience both as a practitioner and as a client that energy healing does indeed work. As a former skeptic, I can attest that when the practitioner “gets out of the way” and lets the energy flow and do its’ magic, some pretty incredible, miraculous results can (and do) occur.

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