Do Spiritual People Swear?

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Four loud expression icons in dialog bubblesMost of us – especially those of us who do any sort of coaching, mentoring, or public speaking – know that words are very important and have tremendous power and energy. Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote about how science has proven that the energy and vibration of words affects water in his book, The Hidden Messages in Water. And although many of us would like to try to avoid obscenities and profanity, let’s face it – like it or not, swearing has almost become a regular part of everyday culture, at least here in America.

A friend and I got into a conversation about this today on the phone. We were conversing about the idea that, “Spiritually-minded people don’t swear.” I told her how I used to hold strong to that belief. Even before I knew of Dr. Emoto’s studies, the thought of swearing both exhilarated and intimidated me. Every once in a while I would let an obscenity fly out of my mouth – usually if I stubbed her toe or hurt myself, but that was pretty much it. If others around me were swearing, I often found myself attracted, so to speak, to how free they felt to express themselves as in that way. But still, I would often turn a shade or two of red, and find difficulty in verbalizing obscenities – even if the situation warranted it.

Anyway, in the surgery I had in 2012, and in the recovery in the following weeks, I found myself dealing with a tremendous amount of pain, both physically and emotionally. In the wound care I would receive daily, I would grimace and take deep breaths while the wound was being cleaned and bandaged . . . then, when the nurses and doctors left, I would often hold a pillow over my mouth to muffle the sound and swear into it for a good two to three minutes afterwards. I found myself feeling relieved in one way, but guilty at the same time. “Truly spiritual people don’t swear like this,” I would tell myself.

But then I remembered a story that a friend of mine told me several years before. He was struggling financially, and was beyond frustrated with his experience. He was walking along an empty beach one day, and shouted out to the Universe, “I NEED SOME _____ING MONEY!!!!” Within a matter of a day or two, he was offered a temporary job which was going to bring him a couple thousand dollars. He explained, that’s when he realized that whether we whisper it to the universe or screaming at the top of our lungs, words have energy – the only difference is that when we scream it, or swear it as he did, the energy is amplified.

That was when I gave myself permission to freely express myself – whether it was in beautiful thoughts and prayer, or whether it was letting a few obscenities escape in a moment’s frustration. And quite honestly, since then, I have felt free to speak my truth in other areas of my life, as well. I didn’t realize her silencing myself in one seemingly insignificant way had such a huge impact on all of the language I was using.

I am not saying that we should go around using profanity just for the sake of using it. But if it gets the point across, or helps us to move through a particular emotion or situation, then I am all for it!

I invite you, dear readers, to remember this the next time you speak – your words have power. How do you choose to use them?

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  • Jamie B

    I love this blog my friend.

    I remember James sharing that story….thanks to you sharing the event with me.

    For me swearing was giving myself permission to be “bad” when all my life I “had to be good”. It was a freeing thing for me to start swearing and a freeing thing when I swear these days as well.

    I’ve also done the “I WANT A !@#$ING _______?” (fill in the blank). I got it too.

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