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claim_your_value_nowIf there is one thing that I have learned in the last few years of working with clients and teaching classes in intuitive development and energy healing, it’s that many people have challenges when it comes to actually claiming their value in this world. It has, for the most part, turned into a societal norm for us to place our value outside of ourselves – in others’ opinions and beliefs, in our salaries or bank account balances, in how many positions we own, and so on.

What if our real value has nothing to do with any of that? The truth is, the measure of our value and worth does not come from anything or anywhere outside of ourselves. In the third-dimensional world, it is easy to get caught up in the duality of “enough” versus “not enough”. As I shared in a previous blog about the inner critic, it is commonplace for many of us to get caught up in our heads, making comparisons of all sorts.

So, dear reader, here is the homework I challenge each of us with – myself included: Let’s start claiming our value and worth, right now. I don’t mean going around telling people, “My value is worth $___.” (Although, if you have your own business and/or charge for services, and have had challenges in charging what you’re worth, this might be a great exercise to start doing in the mirror!) But I do mean claim your worthiness in this world! It starts by simply taking a deep breath, put your hands on your heart center, and say something like, “I am valuable” or “I am worthy of all good things.” If emotions arise, be gentle with yourself and let them. They will pass. Then claim your value and worthiness again, until you feel it deep within your core. This may take some time – hours, days, weeks, maybe even months – but be patient and willing to walk through the process. Your heart and soul WILL thank you for it, because you ARE worthy and valuable!

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  • Lin

    I’m finding lots of VALUE in this blog. In the posts I’ve read so far, you encourage readers to take a thoughtful look at their lives. That alone should help many find the Ah-ha moments they’re looking for. Keep writing!

  • Joshua

    It is safe, right and good for me to receive all this is mine divinely.

    I am valuable. My life is valuable. My healing sessions are valuable. My laugh is valuable. My time, energy and focus are all valuable.

    • jfstein1

      And because you have claimed it . . . it is so, now.

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