A Little Hiatus and Refocusing

After a few days away from blogging, I am back. And yes, my inner critic had a field day . . . every night as I was falling asleep: You didn’t blog today. You should have blogged. [...]

When One Door Closes . . .

I truly am a believer in the Law of Attraction – that what you focus on expands, and you attract it to you like a magnet. In simple terms, it is the concept of “like attracts [...]

Identifying Emotional Triggers

It has been said that one of the keys to healing is awareness. Awareness can come in many different forms – sometimes through presence and quieting the mind, sometimes through adding new [...]


Today was an interesting mix of a day. My first EMDR session, a reading for a local family, a walk at a local marina, dinner at a favorite restaurant (while visiting with friends who worked [...]

EMDR – A New Tool in My Toolbox

Tomorrow, I embark on a new part of my healing journey . . . and although I am excited, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t also terrified. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, [...]

Doing a New Dance

Everyone – even those of us who would like to believe that we are more “awake” or “enlightened” – tends at some point in our lives to get hooked into habits, [...]

Oddly Overwhelmed

After the various experiences of the last few years (and my entire life), I consider myself to be a pretty strong person. However, I often find myself battling tremendous feelings of overwhelm, [...]