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When was the last time you did something loving and nourishing for yourself and your soul? I’m not just talking about getting enough rest, a good workout, or a great night’s sleep. I’m talking about something that really was extra special, not for any particular reason at all, treating yourself well just because you deserve it . . . when was the last time?

Last Thursday – my 33rd birthday – I decided to be spontaneous and do something fun. I decided to head to the salon to get a brand-new haircut and color for the first time in over 11 years. Eleven years . . . that was the last time I decided to really make a change with my hair.

Now to some, this may not seem like a big deal. But there is a point here; I had been caught in the same style – the same rut, if you will – for 11 years. I grew comfortable with how the style was. I was afraid to change it. I had been getting haircuts from a family member my entire life; I couldn’t see spending “that kind of money” on myself. I asked myself all of the “what if” questions: What if I get it cut and I hate the style? What if I color it and hate the color? What if other people I know think it’s ugly? What if it turns out to be more than I can afford? What if I regret it?

How many times in your life have you been faced with a potential change – whether it was something as simple as a change in hairstyle to something more drastic like a move, job change, or relationship change – and found yourself paralyzed with fear and unable or unwilling to move or make a decision out of fear or “what ifs”? We all find ourselves there on occasion; it is part of being human!

The salon was less than a five-minute drive from my house. I have passed by there constantly, but for some reason the drive there last week seemed like it took forever. I had butterflies in my stomach, and I was quite literally shaking with fear as I drove. It may sound ridiculous, but I knew, on some level, this was more than a haircut; this was a metaphor for great change in my life.

Upon walking into the salon, I was welcomed by a cheerful young stylist named Jane, and brought over to a seat for a consultation. I explained that it had been over eleven years since my last “hair change”, that it was my birthday and I was ready for something new. She guided me to the perfect color – a subtle but vibrant shade of red – and we discussed ideas for the cut. As I sat there with my head under one of the dryers sipping a cup of hot peach tea, I smiled as I thought about my grandmother on the Other Side, and how much she enjoyed her weekly trips to the salon. I couldn’t help but think she was guiding this change and this delightful birthday gift of self-care.

As I talked with Jane and told her what I do, she was fascinated. We talked about how our professions, in some ways, weren’t all that different; we both help people to feel more empowered and more joyful. We both love what we do, and want people to feel as passionate about their lives as we do about ours. It was a wonderful connection and I felt in many ways like I was receiving more than just a haircut and color; I was receiving a validation and an honest-to-goodness Birthday Gift from the Universe.

Once Jane finished the last part of the styling and I put my glasses back on, I beamed and my eyes teared up. I loved the style – the cut, the color, everything! – and I felt giddy with excitement as I looked at the “new Jess”. It was amazing to me how one small decision could make such a huge impact on me and my self-confidence and well-being.

The moral of the story? Go for it. Whatever “it” is, if you are feeling a “pull” in your heart – just like I was feeling a pull to go get my hair done – do it. There is a reason for that pull. Your intuition is your heart’s compass, and will guide you exactly where you are meant to go. And maybe, just maybe, you will end up feeling excited and empowered as a result of listening to that intuitive guidance!

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