Another Reason Why I Love My Work . . .

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another_reason_why_i_love_my_workToday I discovered – by meeting with a repeat client, and her daughter – yet another reason why I love my work as a medium, intuitive reader, and energy healer. Not that I need another reason to love my work; there are so many as is! But when I have an experience like I did today, it warms my heart and makes me love what I do all that much more.

As I mentioned, I first read for this woman last fall. She had called me the day after my TV appearance on the local Fox affiliate, saying that she had never experienced a reading before, but after seeing the segment, she was curious and felt that a reading could really help her. Immediately upon meeting her, I could see the deep grief in her eyes. I didn’t know right off the bat who she lost, but it was clear that her intense grief was eating away at her heart. Within minutes of sitting down with her, several family members came through, but the one who she most wanted to hear from – her beloved husband of over forty years – brought through messages and let her know with “flying colors” that he was around. Upon completing the reading, I sent up a prayer for her and asked Spirit to lift the burdens on her heart, and that her husband continued to let her know in obvious ways that he was around.

When a client reaches out to share how their life has changed after a reading, I am always honored and happy to hear their experience and testimonial. But there are many times where I will do a reading for someone, they will receive the healing and messages they need to move forward in their life, and then I won’t hear from them again. This is “par for the course” with this work – we have the reading, part ways, and go about our separate lives. So when I ever received a call from this same woman asking for a reading for herself and for her daughter, I was rather surprised – especially since my time with her was her first experience being read!

The readings for her and her daughter were equally as profound and powerful as that first reading for her in November. I was honored and blessed to be there. But when she told me that she felt like I was “an extended part of our family,” and she was able to continue living in the home she and her husband lived in because she was certain that he was there . . . I felt the grateful tears welling up in my eyes. Instead of the heaviness, sadness, and grief I saw in her expression last fall, I saw a lightness in her expression. Even in her tears as her husband brought through more messages, she still seemed lighter than before. I knew she was transforming and healing at a very deep level.

Getting to witness that kind of profound healing, day in and day out, is just another reason I love the work that I do. Seeing people’s lives change is more rewarding than words can describe. It’s why I call my business In Touch with Spirit; getting to assist people in connecting with the spirit(s) of those they love on the Other Side, reconnect with their higher spirit/guidance, or remember how to get in touch with the greater Spirit that connects all of us, it is exactly why I do what I do . . . and for that, I am extraordinarily blessed.

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