A Little Hiatus and Refocusing

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After a few days away from blogging, I am back. And yes, my inner critic had a field day . . . every night as I was falling asleep: You didn’t blog today. You should have blogged. You’re slacking on your commitment. (Seriously, between the inner critic, some anxiety, and listening to the voice of spirit, try being in my head some days!)

Anyway . . . part of the reason for the time off was because of some anxiety that had come up, but another part was because I just had no topics coming to mind. That’s when I realized it’s probably time to re-focus. Although my initial intention of starting this blogging journey was to write every day (in preparation for eventually writing my book), I realized in these last few days off that I was pressuring myself to write. At first, the blogging was fun as I was getting back in touch with a hobby I enjoyed (writing), and excited about the journey towards my book. And it’s not that I’m not still enjoying writing, or less excited about writing the book – but I realized that in putting the obligation on myself myself to write daily, I was taking the joy out of the journey.

So, I have re-focused. I will not focus so much on daily blogging moving forward, as I will blog when it’s inspired. My goal is to still have 90 blogs (or more) by the time this is done, but it will not be done over a 90-day period (clearly). And in this new focus, I feel a sense of relief, knowing that I am still honoring a commitment to myself and to writing, but altering it so it is more supportive rather than giving me an excuse to beat myself up. Hooray for awareness, refocusing, and self-care!

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  • Lin

    Thoughts on writing when inspired:

    “…but the fact is, the Muse won’t be summoned. She alights when it damn well pleases her.” –Erica Jong

    “The Muses are ghosts, and they come uninvited.” –Stephen King

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