A Channeled Holiday Message

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A_Channeled_Holiday_MessageAs I sat down to meditate before a very busy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I felt guided to write. I knew a profound message would be coming through. The energies were very light, and although they did not have a name, their beautiful presence could certainly be felt. I hope their message speaks to your heart as much as it did to mine.

Greetings dear one. We come to you this morning as a group that would like to be known as the Christmas Angels. Our presence is not limited to the time of year you celebrate as Christmas, but any time that one would like to experience the playful, expectant, joyful energy like that of a child on Christmas morning.

You see, the holidays are a time of year where, more so than any other time, many put aside their differences, put down their swords and rest from their battles, and think of those who are in need, those who are suffering, those who could use the presence of love and joy in their lives. For some, it lasts the entire season; for others, only a moment . . . but this presence of love is palpable – in the smile of a stranger, in the eyes of a child, in the joy of couples walking down the street sharing their holiday season together.

Dear ones, holidays are just that – “holy days” . . . but do you not see how every day you are incarnated upon this earth is a Holy Day? For you chose to come here at this time, in this place, to the specific families, locations, and situations you did, just to bring your light to this world. But in the day-to-day goings-on of earthly life, the human mind forgets this excitement at the opportunity to incarnate. They become disgruntled. Sad. Angry. Frustrated. Heavy-hearted. But holiday time, dearest child, is an opportunity to remember what it is like to feel that excitement again. When you see a child’s eyes light up, expecting something wonderful in that beautifully, lovingly-wrapped package, it reminds you of your essence – of that Source from which you came.

As a child tears into the bows and ribbons and wrapping, a part of you remembers that excitement at the joy of reincarnating. “Yes!”, you said at one time. “I am so very excited to return to Earth and share more light! The idea of lighting up earth with love and joy and peace brings me so much happiness! Please let me return there now!” And so you return – and then, upon spending some time on the Earth, you forget that excitement, and what you carry instead are burdens.

We invite you, beautiful one, to remember this essence. Treat every day a holiday, a holy day. Smile more. Play more. Laugh more. Be in JOY more. For the more you do these things, the more you remember your true self – and the more you tap into that memory, the brighter you will light up the Earth . . . for you came here to SHINE.
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