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Jess shared her many gifts with me; that has changed my life forever! Jess validated so many things and told me it is time to prepare to share my gifts with the world!!!!!

Kimberly Watts

The Art of Mediumship & Tarot

My specialty, if you will, is psychic mediumship, and my roots in this work (and one of my passions!) are in Intuitive Tarot Card reading. Below are some questions I am often asked about readings.

What kind of readings do you do?

All of my private readings are a combination of two modalities – Intuitive Tarot Card reading and Psychic Mediumship. I also use angel card and oracle card decks, and will occasionally receive channeled messages from the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

I am an “Intuitive Tarot” reader, meaning that when a spread of cards is laid on table in front of me, I use my intuitive abilities of clairaudience (“clear-hearing”), clairsentience (“clear-feeling”), clairvoyance (“clear-seeing”), and claircognizance (“clear-knowing”) to help me interpret what I am picking up off the cards on an intuitive level. In other words, each card does not have a specific meaning; the cards are simply a tool to help me make a connection to Spirit in order to be of service to you!

Working on this intuitive level allows me to easily connect to your loved ones on the Other Side. Many times, those in Heaven don’t even need a formal invitation to come into the reading; some folks on the Other Side are very quick to show up, and may even take over the entire reading!

You may be asking yourself, “Why would someone on the Other Side want to talk to me?” The answer is a) because they love you, b) because they can and, c) quite honestly, because it’s their JOB to let you know they are still around and the connection of love between you still exists! Also, remember that those on the Other Side still have the personalities you knew them for when they were here with you in life. So if your uncle was known for being a “wise-guy” or your mom was the next closest thing to Betty Crocker, you can be pretty sure they will come through cracking jokes or talking about their great cooking skills! And yes, pets who have crossed into spirit DO show up in readings – after all, the four-leggeds are just as much a part of the family as the two-leggeds. :)

How does a reading with you work?

Before your reading with me begins, I invite the energy of Spirit – your loved ones on the Other Side, the angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and all energies of light and love – into the session, in whatever way is best for your highest good and healing. I begin every reading this way, regardless of whether you come to see me in person or speak with me over the phone or Skype.

I work with several decks with each reading, including:

  • The Vision Quest Tarot
  • Several Doreen Virtue Decks:
    • Healing with the Angels Oracle
    • Saints and Angels Oracle
    • Ascended Masters Oracle
    • Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle
    • Archangel Oracle
    • Archangel Michael Oracle
    • Archangel Raphael Oracle
    • Angel Therapy Oracle
    • Goddess Guidance Oracle
    • Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle
    • Life Purpose Oracle
    • Magical Unicorns Oracle
    • Archangel Power Tarot
  • Brian Weiss' Healing the Mind and Spirit Cards
  • Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Avalon Oracle Deck
  • Cheryl Richardson's Self-Care Cards
  • The Goddess Oracle
  • John Holland's Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck
  • Margaret Ann Lembo & Victoria Rose Martin's Angel Gemstone Oracle
  • James Wanless' Voyager Tarot Deck
  • T. Harv Eker's Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Cards
  • Patti Sinclair's Within Reach Mediumship Deck
  • Plus my own channeled oracle deck, Spontaneous Moments of Connection

During your reading, feel free to ask questions if something doesn’t make sense or if there is something you really are looking for an answer to – after all, it is your session and I want you to get the most out of it! I always say to my students and clients that doing a reading is similar to putting together a puzzle, much like “psychic charades”; my job is notice the intuitive information I am given from Spirit, and put the pieces together to give you as accurate a picture as possible, while also sharing some insights about the picture that you may not have been aware of or noticed before.

One thing to be aware of is that a reading with me is not about “fortune telling”, and I do not – let me repeat, do NOT – offer predictions. If I sense something coming up in your future (i.e. a change in job, living situation, relationship, etc.), I will certainly let you know; but I believe predictions can be misleading because we all have free will, and life can change in an instant! Because of this, NO reading is set in stone, even those with the most gifted readers.

What do I need to DO to prepare for, or during, my reading with you?

Truthfully, you don’t really “need” to do anything. Your guides, angels and loved ones in Spirit, already know you will be there – and often will show up long before you do!

You may want to spend a few quiet minutes before your reading talking to Spirit and your loved ones on the Other Side, and setting your intention(s) for our time together. It is certainly not a “requirement”, but some people like to do this to center themselves before coming into a reading. Also, you are welcome to record your reading, if you like, but note that I will not record the reading for you as I do not have the equipment available to do so.

All I ask is that you come with an open mind and open heart. Please know that Spirit will bring through whatever messages are most important for you to know at that moment. You may also be “used” as the messenger for someone else! This includes receiving messages from in- laws, “ex-” relatives, someone you never knew in life, or from a relative of someone you know. Again, I emphasize that Spirit knows best; I have NO control over who or what comes through, and whatever messages are most important for you to receive at the time of your reading are what will be delivered to you.

Feel free to bring a piece of paper and a pen to your reading, or a digital recorder. You may think, “Oh, I know everyone in my family and all the dates connected to them,” or “I have a great memory, I won’t forget what comes through”, but you'd be surprised how “psychic amnesia” strikes people with even the best memories during a reading!

My loved one died from suicide, murder, abortion, or some other traumatic form of passing. Can I still connect with them, or will they not be able to come through because of the circumstances around their passing?

I get this question all the time, and my answer is that yes, you CAN still connect with your loved one. My personal belief that God/Spirit is loving, compassionate, and forgiving, and that EVERYONE is met with love and light on the Other Side, no matter what the circumstances were around their passing. My experience is that those on the Other Side want us to be happy, healthy, and live our lives to this fullest . . . and this includes letting go of fear about “where” they are, if we will be able to connect with them, or if they are okay.

Where can I come to see you for a private reading?

I offer in-person readings during my open reading days and evenings at Inspirit Crystals in Northampton, MA. I am also willing to meet local clients in local coffeehouses and other such venues to do readings, if they are willing. Please view my calendar page for my schedule of open reading days, and contact the venue itself to set up your reading time with me. Please contact me if you’d like to book an in-person reading.

Can I only get a reading with you in person?

No! For your convenience, I offer readings by phone, as well as Skype ~ and currently, that is the easiest and most convenient way to get a reading with me!

How does this work, you ask? It is all energy, and energy follows intention . . . so I set the intention to connect with you, your loved ones on the Other Side, your Spirit Guides, the angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and all energies of love and light. Once the intention is set, it is easy for me to make a connection and offer the reading to you. Many people have had phone readings, and they are just as "powerful", if you will, as a reading done in person. Please contact me if you’d like to set up a time for a phone reading.

What are your reading prices? Are phone/Skype readings the same price as in-person? How can I pay for my reading?

Both readings in person and by phone/Skype are the same price. My open reading days have varied prices, depending on the venue.

Payment for all readings ~ in-person, phone, or Skype ~ MUST be received in advance of your reading, unless another special arrangement has been made. For your convenience, you can pay via credit or debit card through the PayPal button below. If you would prefer to pay by cash, check (business or personal), or money order, please contact me and I will give you the address to mail your payment. Also, for your convenience, PayPal has an installment plan, if that makes it easier to pay for your reading.

Reading Lengths:

My prices are currently:
30-minute reading: $100.00
45-minute reading: $150.00
60-minute reading: $200.00
Please note that I do not have recording equipment available; however, you are welcome to record your own reading!

Also, please note that the above prices are per person.

Why are your readings so expensive? Is there a way I can work out a discount?

I understand in today's economy that pricing is a concern. However, this is how I make my living and I have come up with my prices based on current rates that I see other readers charge, and other factors.

You wouldn't expect to walk into a salon, doctor's office, or grocery store and ask for a discount, would you? The same principle holds true here. That being said; I do my best to accommodate as many people as I can, and am willing to do my best to work something out if pricing is a genuine issue. Also, please keep in mind that this is why I offer my open reading days at Inspirit Crystals, and also my gallery-style mediumship readings; it provides an opportunity to make those connections with Spirit in a way that may be friendlier to your budget.

This article by Bob Olson may help to answer this question further.

How far in advance should I book my reading? Do you have a waiting list, or do you book same-day/same-week appointments?

Quite honestly, this depends on the time of year and my schedule from week to week. Certain times of year - around major holidays, for example - you may find yourself waiting a minimum of three weeks to a month in advance (if not more!) for your reading. Sometimes I can book readings in the same week; say for example, you contact me on Monday, I may be able to read for you on Thursday or Friday of that week. However, that situation is becoming more and more rare, and I would suggest that if you want to book a reading, contact me a couple of weeks in advance to ensure you can get a reading in a timely fashion. Also, I will never book a reading the same day as I am contacted, unless it is an open reading day at a venue outside my office and the time is available. This is out of respect for both my time, your time, and the time of other clients, and I appreciate your understanding.

How often do you recommend getting a reading?

There is no set rule for timing between readings. However, that being said, I discourage my clients from getting readings TOO often and relying on readers to give you guidance that you could easily receive from your own intuition and common sense.

The general rule I recommend to clients is to wait a MINIMUM of three to six months between readings, unless a significant event such as the passing of a loved one, the loss of a job, etc. occurs before then. Each individual is different, though, and we can talk to discuss your feelings and needs before setting up a reading.

Can my friends/family/co-workers and I book a private reading party with you?

Yes, I offer reading parties; however, in order to honor my time and energy, there are certain requirements for booking a party. Here are the basic details:

I will do a reading party for a minimum of 4 and maximum to 12 people, within approximately one hour's driving distance from Western Massachusetts. Each attendee will receive one individual 30-minute reading at the price of $50 per person (half the price of my regular 30-minute readings - the benefits of booking in a group!). Please recognize that since each person will be receiving an individual reading, there is a time commitment involved in hosting a party - for example, a reading party for 4 people will be two hours; a reading party for 10 people will be approximately five hours in length. In other words, plan accordingly!

Also, please note that cash is the preferred method of payment for these parties, though checks will be accepted. Although I accept credit card payments for my private readings, I will not accept them for reading parties.

I want to treat a loved one to a reading with you. Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! I do offer gift certificates for 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute readings.

I would love to have you offer a gallery-style reading as a fundraiser for my group or organization. Would you be willing to do this?

The popularity of gallery-style mediumship readings as fundraising events has grown in the last several years, and I truly LOVE offering them. My availability and pricing depend on several factors, including travel/transportation costs, materials/printing fees, venue overhead, percentage going to the group or organization, and so on. Therefore, please contact me and we can discuss options for your group!

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