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The identifying messages that you brought through were right-on. The most specific and the most personal was when you actually used the words "Charlie Brown Tree" relating to Christmas. Every year for as long as I can remember my mother has put on her porch a pathetic little one-armed "tree" (artificial) and years ago, our family named it the "Charlie Brown Tree".

Carol Jenkins


Dear Jess, the reading was so wonderful. You helped me so much. What gifts you have. Thank you so much - you are a kind wonderful human being and I'm so glad we have met and will get to know each other further. May bountiful blessings continue to flow to you.

Landa M. (Reading client from Texas)

Dear Jess,

I am the person who sat with you Saturday a week ago, March 14, at Inspirit in Northampton. You gave me your contact information and asked me to write you to tell you how I am feeling since our reading, and if any of my friends noticed anything different about me.

That same evening I sat with you I joined three friends for a local music show in southern Vermont. One of my friends noticed immediately that something was different. She, more than the other two, tends to be more in tune with my energy. She commented that she saw a lightness in me and something seemed more bright and open. I related my experience with you earlier in the day. She asked if she could have your contact information. I gave it to her.

Since I met you I feel more focused on the direction I feel I want to be going in my life right now. I feel a stronger intention with less anxiety than I have had in the past. I also feel much more firm about not staying in the job I have been in, and much clearer about how it does not fit philosophically with my value system and principles. In a broader context, I just feel more relaxed about where I am at and that if I set my intention, remain patient and practice my dialogue and prayer with Spirit that I will be guided to where I need to be by protecting angels. I do feel as though angels watch over me.

I thank you again for the gift you gave me that day. I felt your warm, loving heart when I walked in the room, and feel it strongly as I write to you now. Your guidance, wisdom and love are beyond my words of thanks. I offer you in return my humble blessings and that the Light guide you in all aspects of your life.

Steve Tavella

I've known Jess for several years now. Her readings have only gotten better and more fulfilling as the time has gone by. She has shared her gift with many via all types of ways of communication. Whether it's Skype or phone, in person or even by radio waves she has delivered message of all types.

My experiences with Jess have been all over the gamut. I never know what to expect from her and always pleasantly surprised. The accuracy is remarkable with the messages brought forward. Jess's channelings are something to be witnessed as well. In my opinion, you will never be disappointed with a reading from Jess. She is passionate about her work and an experienced professional. Enjoy your time with a fabulous medium.

Kimberly Kiniry Lynch
Blue Aventurine

Jess Steinman and In Touch With Spirit have offered me comfort and advice I have only hoped for in the past. She's a true medium, and has connected me with several of those that I have loved and lost and offered closure and acceptance I yearned to experience.

I'd highly recommend her for any gatherings or private readings.

Kalyn Burke

A year after my Mom passed I had Jess do a reading. To be honest I never really believed in communication with those who passed, but the experience was so amazing. She shared a couple things that only my Mom would have known. After our reading I felt so at peace and finally felt like I was going to be able to move on. Thank you Jess.

Jill Monson
Springfield, MA

Spirit had brought me to Jess and I have never been to any of her events! I don't even know how I got her name but some how found her via spirit and I was told I needed to contact her. I spoke with her through Facebook; she sent me a message right back. We met and she gave me the most profound information and spiritual guidance.

Jess shared her many gifts with me; that has changed my life forever! Jess validated so many things and told me it is time to prepare to share my gifts with the world!!!!!

Kimberly Watts

I always feel so connected during readings and feel that Jess is so attuned with my energy as well. She is always able to connect somehow to my authentic self and the aspects of my life journey that are most salient.

I have been amazed at accuracy and unexpected spirit visitors who have popped into my readings to say hello through Jess, without me mentioning anything about them! I have had cards read and had psychic readings by several people and Jess is wonderful and one of the best I have encountered. I would definitely recommend her!

Eliza Morgan

I brought my brother to one of Jess' "Evening With the Other Side" events. It was my mom and dad's 44th wedding anniversary and I was hoping my mom would come through for him. Instead a friend of his did. Jess' reading was spot on. My brother later said if my mom had come through he would have just thought I told Jess all about her. The fact his friend came through convinced my brother of Jess' authenticity.

Jess is amazing and I recommend her every chance I get. I am excited about taking the one day Mediumship class as well as a four part Intuitive Tarot class with Jess in January 2011. I cannot wait for this class. Jess truly has an amazing gift and she delivers her messages with love and compassion.

Jamie Booth

I've had several experiences with Jess and always find that she is authentic and compassionate in our conversations. Most recently at a gallery evening, she connected with my beloved grandmother who passed this Valentine's Day and was like a mother to me. She was right on with all of her messages and moved the entire group with her insights.

What is most amazing about Jess is that in a private reading she is able to go beyond connecting with loved ones and is able to give insights and thoughts about where we've been and where we are heading. Many of my friends and family members have had the same experience with Jess.

As a result of her genuine and gentle nature, I trust her explicitly and have much confidence in her as a person!

Thank you Jess for sharing your gifts with all of us!

Julie Sochacki

It was on 12/5/2008, one of the Friday night groups. The first thing you said to me was, "Someone named Henry is here and he is singing - I'm Henry the 8th." You then said that he had brought someone else with him, another quieter man, and that they were somehow related . . . my word as I can't remember your exact words. Anyway, once you started talking, I knew.

My uncle Henry was an incredible singer in this area for years and years - when he sang, it was like listening to something straight from Heaven. He was my father's brother and he died in 7/07; my father was already gone by then. Anyway, my father was the more quieter of the two, so it doesn't surprise me that uncle Henry brought him forward (although my father has been pretty darn "talkative" since he left!).

The identifying messages that you brought through were right-on. The most specific and the most personal was when you actually used the words "Charlie Brown Tree" relating to Christmas. Every year for as long as I can remember my mother has put on her porch a pathetic little one-armed "tree" (artificial) and years ago, our family named it the "Charlie Brown Tree". My father always thought it was the perfect name for it and he couldn't have chosen a more perfect way to identify himself than that!

He also talked about picking out the "perfect tree", which is one of the things I am adamant about at Christmas . . . the perfect tree. Every year, I turn out a masterpiece of sparkle and family history in our Christmas tree, no matter what it looks like beforehand. It's the one thing I do every year! And it's common knowledge in our family of how serious I am about it. Again, a perfect identification.

Carol Jenkins

Hi Jess,

Thank you again for concentrating so hard for so long to convey all those messages to me! . . . I thought afterwards about this experience and found we both have on thing in common: I'm a translator and interpreter myself, I help the English speaking people communicate with the Chinese speaking people; You are an interpreter for people living in different dimensions!

Xuemei Li

Jess possesses amazing talents and psychic gifts. I have had the pleasure to have readings that helped me gain insight, solace and peace. I, as well as several of my friends, hands down feel that it has been their best experience with a reader ever.

Lisa McCutcheon

A reading with Jess is an amazing experience. She makes you feel relaxed and comfortable enough to ask anything and her insight is unbelievable. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to sit down with her to see for yourself.

Julie K.
Reading Client from Chicopee, MA

Jess Steinman . . . a true blessing and angel on this earth. The impact, accuracy and loving gentleness of this woman's gift of mediumship is something all should witness.

She recently read for mothers who had lost a child, and the readings Jess was able to give these moms was life altering for them. She helped them connect with their children who had crossed over, that brought these moms a peace and joy they only dreamed was possible. As a colleague, I feel honored and blessed to know her.

K. Lisa Venn
Holistic Health Practitioner