Jess Steinman has a great deal of experience sharing her gifts, knowledge and expertise with the media. See below, and contact Jess if you are interested in having her be part of your media project.


  • Discovering Nature's Spirit with Laura Rose:Jess is a regular guest on this show, airing on Blog Talk Radio. Below are two sample shows where Jess was a guest, speaking with Laura about Tarot, Mediumship, and other topics, and offering live on air readings for callers.
  • What's Your Sign? I Have Your Number! Radio Show with Sharita Star:Jess has been a repeat guest on this show, airing from 97.7 FM - WBCR, Berkshire Community Radio in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.
  • It's All About Healing with Michelle McCarthy:Jess was a one-time guest on this show, where she and Michelle discussed mediumship, Tarot, energy healing and much more.
  • April 2009 through October 2010: Jess hosted her own show on Blog Talk Radio, In Touch with Spirit. Each show featured a guest in the spiritual or metaphysical realm, as well as live on air readings for listeners.
  • March through June 2010: Jess was a monthly guest on the Mix 93.1 (Springfield, Massachusetts) Morning Show with Dan and Kim, offering live on air readings for listeners who would call into the show.
  • Across the Realms - Psychic Talk Radio: Jess was a guest on this show in February 2015, where she and host Holly Joy discussed "Speaking with Spirits".
  • Beyond the Formula with Glenn Brooks: Jess was a guest on this show in July 2016, where she and host Glenn Brooks discussed mediumship, readings, and much more. Jess also did a live reading on air for producer Rose Rivera!


  • Jess was a guest on Mass Appeal on WWLP TV22 (Springfield, MA) on February 6, 2012. She spoke about readings and did a sample reading for one of the co-hosts of the show.
  • Jess was featured on Fox6 Springfield's "First on Fox" segment on October 27, 2014. View the video on YouTube: