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Jess Steinman . . . a true blessing and angel on this earth. The impact, accuracy and loving gentleness of this woman's gift of mediumship is something all should witness.

K. Lisa Venn
Holistic Health Practitioner

Intuitive Coaching Intensive Teleseminar Program

??????????????????NEW in 2014: Jess Steinman's Intuitive Coaching Intensive Teleseminar Program!
For those individuals who want to take their intuitive training to the "next level"

When I first began to learn about my intuitive gifts, I took class after class and workshop after workshop to learn about the chakra system, what my intuitive senses were and how to use them, and how to connect with those on the Other Side. I wanted to learn as much as I could, and also connect with like minded people and teachers who had been working with their gifts regularly for years. I spent tens-of-thousands of dollars, and traveled all around to take these classes. It was an amazing experience, and I wouldn't have changed it for anything. But now I have clients and friends asking me for these classes - and although I love to travel, I simply can't be in all of the places where I am being asked to teach at one time!

That is where the idea of the Intuitive Coaching Intensive Teleseminar Program was born. Receive the same kind of intensive, personal training that I did - from the comfort of your own home!

And if you only want to learn about one area of working with your intuition, that is okay too! The first three of the four sections are offered "a-la carte" as well.

Part 1: The Chakras
Lesson 1: Root/Base Chakra
Lesson 2: Sacral Chakra
Lesson 3: Solar Plexus Chakra
Lesson 4: Heart Chakra
Lesson 5: Throat Chakra
Lesson 6: Third Eye Chakra
Lesson 7: Crown Chakra
Lesson 8: Soul Star/"Eighth Chakra"

Part 2: Psychic Senses
Lesson 1: Clairsentience (feeling)
Lesson 2: Clairvoyance (seeing)
Lesson 3: Clairaudience (hearing)
Lesson 4: Clairgustance & Clairolfaction (tasting and smelling)
Lesson 5: Claircognizance (knowing)

Part 3: Receiving Signs from Spirit
Lesson 1: Dreams
Lesson 2: Nature
Lesson 3: Sound
Lesson 4: Numbers
Lesson 5: Synchronicities

Part 4: Delivering Messages to Others
Lesson 1: Setting space for the most effective reading
Lesson 2: Ethics of intuition
Lesson 3: FAQ about having a working client practice

This sounds great! So, how much will this cost me???
The cost for the full intensive program is $2,500. Payment plans are available.

Is anything else included in the class price?
Yes! This price includes:
• Conference calls with topics outlined above, which will be recorded (and link sent to students/available for listening for 7 days after the class)
• Phone/email access to me for questions between calls.
• Program attendees will also receive automatic 50% off any phone readings or remote energy healing sessions for the duration of the program.

I only want to take one or two of the classes, and you mentioned an "a-la carte" option is available . . .

If you want to take Part 1, 2 or 3 on their own, you can do so for the price of $750 per class. Payment plans are not available for these options.

If you are interested in participating in this program, contact me!