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Jess Steinman . . . a true blessing and angel on this earth. The impact, accuracy and loving gentleness of this woman's gift of mediumship is something all should witness.

K. Lisa Venn
Holistic Health Practitioner

dōTERRA Wellness

doterra_wellnessI am SO EXCITED and PROUD to tell you that I am a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate!

One of my dear friends, teachers, and mentors, Michelle A. McCarthy, first introduced me to the benefits of essential oils back in 2005. I was skeptical at first, though I openly admitted that I loved "smelly things." ;) I enjoyed dabbling with oils and tried a few different companies, but nothing really stuck with me. I had heard about dōTERRA along the way, but I hadn't felt inspired to do anything with the information.

Then in February 2016, Michelle co-hosted a make-and-take afternoon, and when I heard about all of the potential healing benefits that I didn't even have the slightest idea about (!), I knew I needed to become a dōTERRA wellness advocate as soon as possible. I knew this could benefit both me AND all of my clients and friends tremendously!

So here I am today! My business name is "In Touch with Spirit," as you know, and I know that dōTERRA is helping me (physically, emotionally, and spiritually!) so that I can continue to be the clearest possible channel for Spirit . . . and I am SO excited to share this amazing gift of dōTERRA with all of you! :)

If you are interested in learning more about the dōTERRA products - either for personal use, to support your friends, family, and loved ones, or to build your own business helping others feel and BE well - please visit my dōTERRA website and contact me for more information!