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Recognizing Signs From Those on the Other Side

Date : February 15, 2013 | Tags : , , , , , , | Category : Blog | Mediumship

Recognizing the signs from the other sideOne of the most common things I hear from clients and students is, “How do I know that my loved ones are trying to make contact with me?” Another similar question is, “Was that really them that I felt/sensed/heard?”

The answer is: YES!!!

Your loved ones on the Other Side want to make contact with you just as much as you want to make contact with them. This of it this way: Say you are an aunt or an uncle, and your niece or nephew lives on the other side of the globe from where you are located. Just because you are in two separate locations, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to see them, right? You are simply in different places. So you learn new and different ways to communicate with them – phone, email, social media, and Skype or other forms of video chatting, for example.

When someone transitions from the Earth plane to the Other Side, they are not physically with us anymore, and each of us has to walk through our grieving process in our own time and in our own way to cope with that physical loss. But, the concept of communication is very similar to what I mentioned above. We still want to have contact with them, and they with us. We learn to connect with them – and, likewise, they learn to connect with us – in new and different ways. Are you following me so far?

So, the next question that often arises is, how do those on the Other Side communicate? There are several different ways, but here are a few general examples:

  • Dreams: By far, dreams are the most common way those in Spirit communicate with us. Our conscious mind is “turned off” for the evening, so we can’t slip into the doubt, fear, or other emotions that may arise with a more direct form of communication. An important note here is that not very dream that you have with a loved one in Spirit is a message from them. IF they appear sick, angry, upset, or something other than peaceful and loving, that is usually your residual feelings/grief around their passing coming up in the dream, and not them trying to communicate with you. A communication dream is loving, peaceful, and often times very realistic.
  • Smells and Tastes: Spirit Folks just LOVE to use our sense of smell and taste to say hello! Whether it is the familiar smell of a loved one’s perfume, flowers, or even the smell of cigarette smoke (when nobody around you is smoking), Spirit will often use our olfactory sense to let us know they are around. Similarly, you may be thinking how much you miss enjoying steaks on the grill with your uncle during the summers growing up, or your mom’s famous spaghetti sauce, when all of a sudden you could swear you were tasting those very things! This is not your imagination – this really is your loved one popping in for a visit.
  • Music: Those on the Other Side love to use music as a way to bring through a message. Sometimes it’s hearing the words that dad used to say in a song on the radio as you turn on your car in the morning, other times it’s hearing the music you always used to enjoy listening to with your best friend. Music is a wonderful way of raising our vibration and feeling closer to Spirit . . . and they love using it to deliver you a message as much as you love listening to it!
  • Numbers: Lastly, numbers are another big way in which those on the Other Side make an effort to connect with us. It can sometimes come in the form of seeing “angel numbers” – repetitive numbers such as 111,222, 333, etc. Other times, it can be seeing numbers connected to a loved one (such as their birthday, anniversary or the day that they passed) or their “lucky numbers” on a license plate or when you look at the clock. People always ask what the “meaning” is behind these numbers – I say that if you can’t think of specifically how they’d be connected to your loved one, sometimes it’s just them using a number you’d recognize or that would stand out, just to say “hello”.

As I’ve mentioned, these are only a few of the ways those in Spirit make contact with us. Perhaps you have your own – I’d love for you to share it in the comments!

Whatever way you receive signs, it is important to remember to say “thank you” when you do. After all, the more gratitude you show, I truly believe that the more signs you will receive.

11 Responses to “Recognizing Signs From Those on the Other Side”

  1. My first boyfriend was murdered in 1975. Because of negative circumstances, he was aware that his death was eminent. He asked me to have a child for him to survive him saying: the only way I will see this world will be through my baby’s eyes. He predicted I would give birth to a daughter, and I did. He asked me to always remember him and told me that when I hear a specific singing group’s music, for as long as I live, that it would be him communicating with me.
    Fast forward to May 11, 2013….a few days before, I sat down and talked to Greg as if he were in the room with me. I told him how much I missed him and asked him to send a sign to let me know he still loved me and missed me also. I also told him that I would be open minded so that any sign he chose to send, I would recognize it. May 11, 1975 was a significant date for us. On May 11, 2013, a medium sized black bird flew into my bedroom through my bedroom window-I was astonished because there was only a small whole in the window screen, and the window itself was 70% occupied by a window fan! I was frightened and asked the bird to please find its way back out of my apartment. It flew around the rooms for a bit, and then flew past me and settle on the window sill it came in on. I covered the front opening with a towel. Eventually, the bird found his way back out through the small hole! There was some bird poop on my sheets; and because my space felt unclean, I began to clean. Well then, on the radio I heard 3 songs played back to back (not usually done on this program). These were songs we would dance to in private. I then went to shampoo my hair…and when I turned on the radio again…the singing group that Greg had said would be him communicating with me was on the radio-right at the beginning of the record! The lyrics were “La La Means I Love You”. At this point, all I could do was laugh and cry at the same time because I KNEW these signs were from my Greg on the other side.

  2. jfstein1 says:

    Wow, Jacqueline! That is INCREDIBLE. I love that Greg has given you such strong signs, even to this day. Those on the Other Side never cease to amaze me. :)

    Thank you for visiting my site, reading, and sharing!


  3. barbara says:

    i keep finding dimes everyday no matter what i am doing ?

    • Anna Martinez says:

      My mother finds dimes all over the place and here’s the catch my grandmother who passed away collected dimes.

  4. brenda says:

    I find dimes all the time too!!! I take it as signs that I am on the right path!

  5. brenda says:

    Even during the bad times =/

  6. shelly says:

    I too have been seeing dimes everywhere and in random places that is why i came to this websight to see what it means i never
    exspected anyone else to see them.

  7. fallon says:

    I wish i had someone out there trying to send me signals i feel very much forgotten by my loved ones. I try to take that as they moved on to the next place they were destin to go, which is good news. I feel like no matter what move i make its always the wrong one. I wish that i had a spirit guiding me, like grandpa ken

    • jfstein1 says:

      Fallon ~ What I can tell you with great assurance is that your loved ones on the Other Side are sending you signs, but most likely they are just so subtle that it is easy to miss them. I firmly believe it is the “job” of our Spirit folks to let us know they are around, so if you feel like they aren’t there, tell them. Take a few quiet minutes, center your thoughts, and talk (aloud or in your head) to your loved ones. Tell them you miss them, and although you know, deep down, they are sending you signs, you aren’t getting them. Ask them to make the signs so loud and so obvious you can’t possibly miss them – and if you do, to give them to you again. Then your job is to open your heart, and take note of anything you think might be a sign. Don’t read into things, but if something “feels” like a sign, it most likely is.

      I hope that helps!

  8. Linda says:

    My Dad passed away 3 weeks ago, and I just had 5 quarters fall in front of me….I keep praying for a sign if he is ok….our family was a total of 5? Does anyone know what quarters mean?

    • jfstein1 says:

      Hi Linda,

      I am just seeing this now – my apologies for the delay in responding to your comment (thank you for reading, by the way!).

      Quarters (or other coins) are often just our loved ones on the Other Side saying “hello” and letting us know they are around. I think the fact that you saw five of them — one for each of the kids in the family, perhaps — is pretty significant. Dad was most likely just letting you know, “I’m okay, and I’m still with you in Spirit.” :)

      Blessings to you ~

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